Bringing the Artist Alley to You

Corona Virus is affecting lives, and events are, rightly, being cancelled. 
Will this virus get in the way of you collecting the best in small press art? NO! Each cancelled event can cost an artist up to 2 months of living costs. Why not get your Art Fix and Support awesome artists? We are hosting a curated Virtual Artist's Alley for those artists and fans missing out on the upcoming events, linking to the online stores and sales of your favorite Artist Alley artists.  
Organised by @ChaoIllustrations.
We do not take any commission off any sales bought through these links so consider buying something from the store to help us out. Sellers: We are being inundated with requests to be added and will not be able to add them all.  Thank you to the people that have been wonderful :)



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The organizer of the Virtual Artists Alley

Full time artists, Queen of Kawaii Kawaii Monster Girls, Nurse of Menhera, Sister of SHARKS!!!  Loads of Prints, Wooden Pin Badges, Washi Tape.

T-Shirts Preorder Re-Opened! 

She is your goto shop for Monster Girl cuties and booties! 


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Geeniejay is your friendly neighbourhood cute witch, she makes lots of illustrations inspired by magic, fashion and anime. Stepping inside her shop you will find prints, pins, clothing, accessories, stationery, and unique handmade resin pieces!


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Free International on orders over £30

15% off Shopwide till the 22nd March

Hot Mermaids, Cute Ghosts and a pile of Pastel Gore Dripping straight into Dumb Bitch Juice. 

Monster Girlfriends to fill that hole in your (after)life!



An Illustrator / Youtuber based in the North West of the UK. D&D, animation and illustration fanatic!
Mother to Plant Witches, Cactus Cats and DnD Illustrations! If mother nature could paint... she would be Sophiralou


15% Sale & The NANI! Badges have Googly Eyes! 

Get your Bisexual finger guns ready for this space princess. Cydonian Zeta comes from outer space to bring you the best in menhera cuties, Gore Girls, and Mental Health Sh!t Posts. 

Her BAEliens are out of this world. 


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Special CancelledCon sticker with every order!

Witch bitch enby with a passion for neon

enjoys drawing monster girls and demon boys! 

Badges, Stickers, A4 Prints, Charms, Enamel Pins, Resin Jewellery

Fandom obsessions: Boku No Hero Academia/Kimetsu No Yaiba


20% off All Items

My name is Katie Sheppard, AKA BlueFayt.

I'm an Anime style Illustrator from the UK, and I am a full time artist! I very much enjoy creating illustrations from my D&D adventures, as well as illustrating bunny merch, pastel gore style art, and cute fluffy pastel illustrations and fanart!

Cute D&D Character sheets, Bunnies and Babes. 


CODE:  TAKE10 for 10% off

I make cute apparel and accessories with lots of pastel vibes and general geek culture. There is a focus mostly on original art but also a small amount of fan art.


LGBTQ+ and Super CUTE!

Queer and Cute; just as the name describes handmakes adorable jewelry, draws sweet pastel art, and is passionate about queer diversity stocking a multitude of pride flags, badges, and newly landyards!


Free badge with every order!

Hi! My names Louise and I love Japanese street fashion, pasta, and crying over my OCs. MLTYUniverse is a universe of cute and colourful designs. All prints and designs are designed by myself and can be found on clothing, accessories, comics and more!


OCCULT15 for 15% off any order, also automatically free delivery on orders over £30

Aiden GD Moore is a queer artist living in London, best known for his trans* comic bunny and best selling book Nihilist Bunnies. Most of Aiden's work explores themes of sexuality, identity and the occult


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Ethok is an Illustrator and 3D Environment Artist with a love for TTRPGs and Domestic Fantasy who thrives creating a variety of products from prints to journals and dicebags'


Free gift with every purchase

Art, merchandise, apparel. Everything from your favourite anime characters, to throw back nostalgia, gaming, dnd, pop culture and gothic sundries. MythirMerch has a spread of the colourful, macabre and cute!


Free gift with every purchase, from stickers to enamel pins~!

Enamel Pins, T-Shirts and more, featuring your favourite drag queens, magical girls, crystal gems and pocket monsters! My name is Gilles, "Uncle Gilles" in the convention circuit, and I am a queer t-shirt artist & pin designer located in a small cozy village just outside of London.


Free print and Pokémon sticker with each purchase!

Leo Magus is an artist and cosplayer from Brighton and sells a mixture of pastel and anime themed things such as fanart prints, cute badges, anime merch, pastel apparel, Kermit the frog memes, adorable stickers and more!


Free gift with every order

Zoakuma is a UK based artist and designer (& magical girl ☆) Specializing in all things sweet and cute, and some sickly-sweet and creepy-cute, you will find apparel, pins, stickers and lots more to bring some sparkle to your life.


Free mini print and sticker with every order

I'm a freelance illustrator and Content Creator from the North East UK, I draw monsters, furries and occult themed art!


CONONLINE - 15% Off, free uk shipping

Hi I'm Virgil. I am a queer disabled artist from Yorkshire who specialises in animal art and fantasy creatures.


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PBJ is a collaboration with PB a traditional artist and J a crafter, we have items from both of us such as custom purses, bags, mini dakimakura and more!


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Whether it’s 8, 16 and 32-bit, Retr8bit specialises in bespoke craft retro-graphic accessories, jewellery, and art pieces - built one Hama bead at a time.


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ADVENTURE AWAITS! Mel and Luke sell everything an aspiring dice goblin needs; fun and unusual dice, handmade dice bags and vegan candles as well as silly D&D themed stickers!


From Chao and All the Arists

Thank you for supporting small creators during this rough time. Conventions make up for the majority of Artists income and 2020 is really going to be a test for us all. 

Chao Illustrations does not take any commission from any sales on here. If you want to support her click the link below.  

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